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Computer and Other ICT Donations [Knowledge Base Index]

These resources will help you research, prepare for, solicit and manage donations of computers and other ICT equipment, including hardware and software, for ICT4D initiatives.

Please read the directions stated on each web site CAREFULLY regarding donation guidelines and requirements. Organizations that arrange for ICT donations have strict guidelines that must be followed in order to receive equipment. UNITeS is not affiliated with any of the resources listed below, and cannot answer your questions regarding these organizations nor their procedures. If you have questions about donations, please use the contact information on the individual web sites listed below.

Most organizations will arrange for computer donations only if the requesting organization offers a firm commitment to pay shipping expenses and duty costs involved and to secure any necessary permissions regarding shipping and equipment traveling across country borders. Many organizations charge a service fee for coordinating donations.

Also note that most computer donations come with no software of any kind (including an operating system).

AnotheR BytE's Nonprofit Recycling & Reuse Network
Includes a database of donation offers, a database of requests within the U.S., information for those outside the U.S., a Computer Recycling & Reuse Directory, and an online discussion group about computer recycling and donations.

Computer Aid International
Identifies and works with organizations in recipient countries to help them derive maximum value from recycled computers. Provides computers to non governmental organizations working in developing countries.

An online donating service matching business and household materials with wish lists of nearby nonprofits and recyclers that can provide pick-ups. U.S.-focused only, but if you can find a U.S.-based organization to sponsor your donation request, you may be able to use this service.

Caution! Re: Accepting Technology Donations
Features important tips on what to look for when accepting computer donations. Links to even more resources that offer detailed information on evaluating the cost of donated computers, and refurbished computer support and maintenance.

Donation of used computer hardware for Africa
Contact and donation information for the African Regional Centre for Computing (Kenya) and African Computer Literacy Project (Ghana).

East-West Education Development Foundation
A non-profit organization dedicated to recycling computer equipment to educational and charitable organizations in the United States, and in developing countries around the world. The Foundation supports non-profit organizations that promote human rights, democracy, freedom of speech and better understanding between the peoples of the world.

Former "Gifts in Kind International", which changed name to "Good 360".
A leading global charity in product philanthropy. Creates partnerships that link companies and their valuable in-kind resources with a network of more than 50,000 nonprofit organizations around the world.

A clearinghouse for computers and computer equipment. The computer request form is available only to groups in developing countries.

KITE, Inc.
Keys to Information, Technology, and Education (KITE) was founded in 2000 to support grassroots organizations in developing countries by providing them with computer equipment and technical education. Committed to equipping social change organizations in developing countries and with free software and open source software that could be copied or changed by anybody who wants to use it, and available free of charge throughout the world, it is not operating anymore.

Out of Afrika Computer Project
Arranges donations of computers, Internet equipment, scanners, photocopiers, and fax machines to non-profit organizations. The charity refurbishes the equipment for use in UK and Kenya in schools, churches, self help groups and other non-profits OOA has also sent equipment to Gambia and Cameroon.

World Computer Exchange
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping the world's poorest youth bridge the global divides in information, technology and understanding. Partners are usually non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government ministries working in any developing country around the world. The site includes a tool-kit for potential partners, with criteria for partnerships, a summary of the process, computer and shipping costs, and sample agreements, container contents, import documents, and samples of school surveys, set-ups, and letters of commitment. All of the documents of the Toolkit are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Thai.




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